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When it comes to pampering your car, nothing beats the touch of professional interior car detailing. So, when do you need a car deep cleaning? The answer is simple – anytime you want your car to look and feel its best. If you’re looking for a reliable car wash centre, you can turn to Shine Car Wash. Our professional team is dedicated to restoring your car’s interior to its pristine glory.

We understand that your vehicle deserves more than just a surface wipe-down. Our meticulous approach ensures that every nook and cranny is treated with the care it deserves. We focus on a thorough and satisfying interior car wash, ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and an overall refreshing feel. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our expertise, accompanied by our high-quality machinery helps us achieve it.

Interior Car Cleaning

What is included in our Interior Car Detailing Service

Explore the unparalleled care we offer for the interior of your vehicle. Our interior car detailing service encompasses:

  • All Seats Steam Cleaning/Sanitising

  • Front and Rear Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Boot Steam Cleaning/Sanitising

  • All Floor Mats Steam Cleaning/Sanitising

  • Dash and Centre Console Cleaning

  • Door Trims and Cup Holders Cleaning

  • Air Vents, Seat rails and Sun Visors Cleaning

  • Foot Pedals Cleaning

  • Interior Windows and Mirror Cleaning

  • Interior Deodorising


    Professional Interior Car Wash by Expert Interior Detailers

    Discover a new standard of cleanliness with our expert interior detailing. Our professional interior detailers bring a level of precision and expertise that transforms your car’s interior into a haven of sophistication.

    Beyond the surface, our professional interior car cleaning strategies can reach hidden dirt and allergens to ensure overall cleanliness from stubborn stains to accumulated dust, we can tackle every aspect to promote a healthier driving environment.

    Professional interior car detailing includes comprehensive cleaning designed to refresh and revitalise the inside of a vehicle. Our skilled team use specialised techniques to ensure a thorough clean without compromising on gentleness. From luxurious leather to comfortable fabric, we treat each element with care, leaving your interior not just clean but also freshened.

    Why Choose Us?

    Experience the difference with our expert team and premium car interior detailing solutions. Our experienced interior detailers approach cleaning as an art. We aim to provide your car with special care, being attentive to every detail. Our unique combination of skill and friendliness makes us the preferred choice for our customers. They choose us for that added touch which gives their vehicle a VIP treatment they appreciate.

    Shine Car Wash provides top-notch inside car detailing services in Melbourne. Our straightforward approach ensures your car gets the care it needs for fresh and clean interiors. Talk to our experts and let’s discuss how we can help. Call us on 0422 398 561 or email us at shinecarwash168@gmail.com.


    Experts recommend interior detailing work once a year or every 12,000 miles. This ensures that your car retains a fresh look and maintains good air quality. However, if you have pets or children, you should get it detailed earlier every 6 months. To know more details on this, the best way is to contact an expert.

    Interior detailing work generally involves:

    • Seat cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Floor mat sanitisation
    • Air vent cleaning
    • Surface vacuuming

    For details, you can always reach out to our support team

    Depending on the condition of the interiors, we recommend specific services. Our interior detailing can be customised to meet your requirements. To know more, please feel free to contact our experts.

    Yes, interior detailing is absolutely safe for electronic components. However, for the best results, always get professional help. At Shine Car Wash, we ensure these components remain untouched and perform properly after the work is completed.

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