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A professional car wash offers different types of washes using specialised tools, techniques and equipment. This also includes touch-free washing services, which is now present at most modern car wash facilities.

Shine Car Wash is a reputed car wash facility in Campbellfield. Our skilled team ensures every inch of your vehicle is properly cleaned. Our cleaners use proper cleaning solutions and the latest tools and techniques to deliver impressive results. Based on your vehicle’s surface type, we use products that do not damage the paintwork or the body of your vehicle while taking care of all traces of dirt or dust on it.


    Transform Your Car with Our Car Detailing Services

    Car detailing involves a thorough cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior. Our well-equipped interior car wash helps preserve your vehicle’s value by having it look fresh and taken care of. If you ever wish to sell your car in the future, potential buyers will see how well-maintained it is and will be willing to pay a higher price.

    We rejuvenate your vehicle with interior vacuuming and steam cleaning. Our team understands the importance of a clean and hygienic interior, which us why we use premium products and eco-friendly practices to clean the interiors. With extensive experience in cleaning cars of different makes and models, we go beyond cleaning—we restore and rejuvenate your car. Enjoy a spotless car interior that’s free from dust, stains, and odours.

    Here’s what our expert car detailing services can do:

    • Preserves Upholstery

      Factors like UV rays, dust, and stains can damage your car seats over time. Regardless of the seat material, wear and tear are common. To protect your car and keep it in good condition, it’s best to opt for a professional car interior detailing. We use special products and tools to clean your car’s upholstery according to its fabric.

    • Value Addition

      It is essential to clean your car thoroughly to preserve and protect your investment. If you are looking for expert car detailing in Melbourne, book an appointment with our skilled team. We provide regular maintenance and personalised care that adds value to your vehicle by keeping it in a pristine condition.

    • Makes Your Car Look Brand-new

      As a car owner, you want a fresh and clean car. Our expert car wash detailers offer interior and exterior detailing that keeps your vehicle free from dirt, odours and stains. This service makes your car look refreshed from the inside and outside. Using premium cleaning products and the right equipment, we give your car a renovated look and make it look brand-new again.

    Enjoy Our Simple Drive-through Car Wash at Shine Car Wash

    Washing your car regularly helps maintain its looks. However, taking time off your schedule to wash your vehicle might not be possible. Fret not! With the latest technologies like drive-through car wash, cleaning your car is effortless.  At Shine Car Wash, we have an advanced facility and offer reliable car washing solutions to our clients in Campbellfield. We clean your car thoroughly and efficiently. Additionally, we offer different packages to cater to your car washing needs.

    Drive-through washes can make your car washing easy by providing fast and convenient cleaning. These are touch-free car washing solutions that are fully automated with state-of-the-art equipment. You get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned with the help of this advanced technology. In addition, this type of exterior car detailing is also safe and does not damage your car’s paintwork.

    How does it work?

    We guide you through various steps of a drive-through car wash. Once you’ve finalised the car wash package, you can drive into the car wash area. Once your car is inside the bay, you must shift your transmission to neutral and let go of the wheel. Here is a detailed overview of how our drive-through auto car wash works:

    • Pre-soaking: After you park your car, the first step is to pre-soak it. For this, small nozzles spray a cleaning solution on the surface that will loosen up the dirt. We apply tyre cleaning solutions to clean the rubber on the wheels and help remove the soot-like brake dust from it.

    • Washing: Next, rotating water jets start rinsing off all the dirt from your car’s surface. Once we wash and scrub the car, we use a nozzle spray to remove any residue.

    • Drying: After the wash, we’ll dray your car by blowing warm air across the surface of the vehicle. This is optional so you can choose to skip this if you wish.

    Why Choose Shine Car Wash?

    It is not a secret that every vehicle loses its value over time. Therefore, preserving your car’s appearance with regular maintenance, detailing and cleanliness is beneficial in the long run. A full-service car wash helps maintain your car’s shine and increase its resale value. At Shine Car Wash, we offer reliable car washing solutions that offer the following advantages:

    • Unlimited Washes: When you enter our facility, all you need to do is select a package, drive into a bay and get your car washed.

    • Range of Options: To ensure the best car wash experience, we have various options and packages. You can choose one that meets your car’s unique needs.

    • Great Deals: We also offer an unlimited wash club deal to all customers from $49/month.

    To know more about our car wash services in Campbellfield, talk to our expert today. You can call us on 0422 398 561 or email us at

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